Sculpture course (Only for Isoco Guest)corsodiscultura(Teacher Christian I. Peintner)

Cost: 300€

20 hours


Welcome drink

Visit at the Teatro Greco Roman and his Museum

The fee does not include:

The whitee stone of  Siracusa cost 150€

Rent tools cost : 30€


Pottery class art
(Only for Isoco Guest)
(Teacher: Marco Monforte)

Costo : 200€

  • The course consists of 5 lessons for a total of 20 hours and is divided into two distinct sections:

    MODELLING AND SCULPTURE, where you learns to work the clay with various types of shaping by hand or on a lathe

    ART OF DECORATING, where you learns the use of colors and glazes on ceramics. You can take with you your finished piece.

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